Think about it, there must be higher love Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above Without it, life is a wasted time Look inside your heart, I'll look inside mine.

As the tears wrap around my face, ....

As the tears wrap around my face,
I'm carried off to another place.
A place where I can be free,
away from the people who cannot see.
All of these lies are hurting my heart,
Even though we are miles apart.
I cry for you but you just don't see,
I only wanted us to be.
Now as my world is crumbling down,
I cant seem to look directly around.
A frown crosses your face,
when your love I can't replace.
The times we had I won't forget,
when I let you go, thats my one regret.
It's been so long and you've moved on,
but my feelings for you aren't yet gone.
No matter what, you're my first love,
and god sent you down from up above.

Was anything I ever did for you good enough,
cause you can destroy me I'm not that tough.
If I dont face my worst fears,
soon I'll be drowning in my own tears.
You're playing games with my mind,
keeping me close as if I was blind.
I'm only wanting what I will never get,
because really I was only one stupid bet.
Soon enough I would grow old and ruin your fun,
It was stupid to think that a new life had begun.
Is it too hard for you to just give me a chance,
but now I realize none of it was ever romance.
For you to know how you hurt me,
would be a miracle I wish I could see.
But too many tears I have cried,
too many times to me you've lied.

I'm just a toy to you,
but I have dreams to persue.
So I'll continue with all of those,
and this isnt the life I would've chose.
I'm stuck with it so I'll live with it,
even after all these crimes I've tried to commit.

I love you, I swear I do,
please just listen, what I say is true.
All my life it's you I've been waiting for,
you mean the world to me and so much more.
But even after all the love I've shown,
my heart by you was thrown like a stone.
Why can't you just love me,
instead of setting me free?
It hurts too much to think of you,
and all this pain you've put me through
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